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Having trouble paying with PayPal? Click here. Having trouble paying with PayPal? Click here.
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PayPal Checkout

We've received several reports indicating that some of you are having issues when trying to checkout with PayPal. Here's the main issue.

Do not use the Express checkout for the time being. Everytime you use this option, a pop-up will open. If your browser happens to have pop-up blockers, the PayPal pop-up will not load.
Just follow the following steps.

1. Add your shipping details, "continue to shipping" and then, "continue to payment".

2. Choose PayPal as a payment method and press "Review order".

3. Confirm your order details and press "Complete order".

After you click the button, the PayPal login page will open, instead of the PayPal Express checkout pop-up. You should no longer have issues following this process. If the issue persists, please contact our Customer Support immediately.